Initial and Further Training

A qualified workforce for long-term success

The initial and further training of employees in operations across the world is a priority at the Dussmann Group. Market dynamics, newly developed technologies and changing processes present a constant challenge and require continual training of personnel on products, methodology and business procedures. Training is carried out on the job but also at the company’s own training facilities, the Dussmann Campus and the Kursana Akademie where the knowledge and the skills of the workforce are continuously widened through a range of initial and further training course.

At the Dussmann Campus in Zeuthen, employees of the company division Dussmann Service are trained on a wide range of topics revolving around cleaning, catering, security and technical services. Seminars on aspects of human resource management  and sales are also included in the program as are many management topics.

At the seven locations of the Kursana Akademie in Germany, members of staff receive further training for their work in nursing and care. These include courses which enable them to acquire further qualifications.

Employees benefit from the wide scope of further training; they improve their skills and qualifications and are well prepared to meet the demands of clients and the challenges of daily service provision.