Our approach to sustainability

The corporate culture of the Dussmann Group, as a family business, is founded on sustainability. Our sustainability policy is in line with the Dussmann Group Next Level Strategy for the period 2018 to 2023, which was approved by the company’s executive board and board of trustees and it details the sustainability principles formulated there.

In the development of sustainability objectives and measures, economic, environmental, and social aspects are considered of equal rank, as they are closely linked with one another. We have formulated our commitment to continual improvement in our sustainability policy.

This approach is a component of our integrated management system and is actively implemented and synchronized with environmental, energy and quality management standards and norms. We will define target dimensions for the coming years and apply measurement parameters.

The quality of our products and services and our innovative strength are the primary economic sustainability aspects. These create added value for our clients and generate client satisfaction.

In the materiality analysis, the quality of our services is broken down into value preservation and integrity. In care for the elderly and children, human integrity plays an essential role. In all areas of operations, we strive for reliably high quality, as well as continuous improvement to provide a greater benefit to clients.

By taking on even more of our clients’ secondary processes, we generate additional growth, tap employment potential and enable our clients to increase their value contribution by concentrating on their core business.

The Dussmann Group promotes community, social cohesion, and participation. Dussmann Group companies and stakeholders make employee concerns and employee satisfaction a high priority, especially the issues of fair compensation, good working conditions, occupational safety and health protection, education and training and employee retention.

We understand that employee satisfaction, client satisfaction and high standards of quality for products and services are codependent.

Our social responsibility includes respect for all religions and cultures and the prevention of all forms of discrimination. The promotion of cultural education for children and young people is a part of our sustainability policy.

We apply the principles of sustainability to our internal processes, as well as to the provision of services for our clients. We focus on minimizing the consumption of resources and pay special attention to the use of environmentally friendly products and the reduction of packaging materials. This applies both to our own equipment and the resources of our clients.

Our services, especially in the field of building technology, have a major positive influence, for resource‐saving cleaning procedures, energy‐saving building technology, and overall sustainable facility management.

With efficient services and innovative ideas, we are constantly reducing our environmental footprint and we see promising potential in improved waste management.

Dussmann Group Sustainability Policy

Declaration of Conformity 2021

Past versions of the DNK conformity statement are available in the DNK database.

EcoVadis Certificate

With its sustainability activities, the Dussmann Group has received the highest award "Platinum" from the international business sustainability rating company EcoVadis. This means that the Dussmann Group belongs to the top one percent of the more than 75,000 companies assessed worldwide.