Challenging Objectives

In a fast changing world, what counts is the ability to accept new challenges and to react to changing needs with new service solutions. The Dussmann Group is well prepared for these challenges - with efficient structures, absolute client-orientation and a demanding sustainability program.

In its first sustainability report for 2011/2012, the Dussmann Group formulated binding quantifiable sustainability objectives. The company and its employees are proud to have achieved nearly all of these objectives. In order to sustain momentum and to ensure that the company’s sustainability record is consistently improved, the Dussmann Group has formulated challenging objectives for the coming two years.

In May 2016, The Dussmann Group published its third sustainability report.

Dussmann EcoSystem

Sustainable business practices and vision are the pillars upon which the future is built. This is why we have developed a sustainability concept, the Dussmann EcoSystem. We are committed to making social responsibility the basis of our business activities.

Social Responsibility

We believe that our social responsibility includes ensuring that our personnel are paid fairly and punctually for their dedicated work. We are committed to the prevention of the illegal employment practices which undermine wage agreements and we support the introduction of sector-specific, regionally adjusted minimum wages.
Stickers to encourage careful use of resources are used in all sections of the Dussmann Group in all countries. In some sections, guidelines are displayed for Dussmann staff but also in areas where they encourage careful use of energy by the client's personnel.
Serving up sustainability; on request, catering operations are organized according to the EU directive on organic catering. Many Dussmann operations already carry organic certification serving organic meals and using local, seasonal ingredients and fair trade products.
Dussmann Service aims to deploy only energy-saving machines in its cleaning operations.