The result of conscious decisions

As a family enterprise, the corporate culture of the Dussmann Group is founded on sustainability. This principle is not limited to the company's own service provision; it is also promoted among our clients, suppliers and subcontractors and implemented through the integrated management system.

Our daily activities determine the degree of sustainability in the operations of the Dussmann Group; every employee actively contributes because sustainability is the result of conscious decisions taken locally, nationally and globally.

  • We strive to maintain reliable high standards of quality in our services and promote ongoing further development
  • We create added value for our clients through the quality of our products and services and our ability to innovate
  • We ensure strict compliance with applicable laws, regulations, norms and the requirements of our internal and external stakeholders.
  • We have formulated the ethical values of the Dussmann Group in the code of conduct. These include fair competition and respect and confidentiality in our dealings with business partners. We provide support to employees on ethical issues and maintain an open dialog concerning the sanctions that apply for violation of ethical principles

  • We understand that employee satisfaction, client satisfaction and high standards of quality for products and services are codependent.
  • We strive to be a first-class employer who recognizes the potential of each individual employee and manager and who promotes their knowledge, skills and qualifications through regular training.
  • The Dussmann Group guarantees fair pay and good working conditions in all operations across the world.
  • We provide a safe, healthy working environment to prevent work-associated accidents and illness and to minimize risks and hazards. We actively involve our employees in this process.
  • Our social responsibility includes respect for all religions and cultures and the prevention of all forms of discrimination.
  • We attach great importance to protection and security of the personal data of our clients and our employees. The same applies to the business data of our clients and third parties.
  • The Dussmann Group acknowledges its social responsibility in its support of numerous cultural projects.

  • We protect the environment and reduce environmental impact as far as possible through minimization of energy consumption, careful use of resources, reduction of waste and deployment of environmentally compatible products.
  • We promote awareness for the need to use raw materials with care. 
  • We drive innovations which contribute to reduction of environmental impact and resource consumption and to energy efficiency.
  • We promote product development and cooperation concepts which are in keeping with our values and objectives.
  • We oblige business partners and suppliers to comply with our standards.

Setting targets

For the coming years, we will define target dimensions and implement measured variables. The interaction of sustainabiity targets with the integrated management systems (quality, environment, energy and occupational health and safety) is essential. Our sustainability policy emphasizes this approach.

Annual Report

Visit the newsroom to download the Dussmann Group annual report which provides a summary of figures and activities

Dussmann Group Sustainability Policy