Dussmann KulturKindergarten

In-House Corporate Child-Care

Dussmann KulturKindergarten gemeinnützige GmbH is a member of the Dussmann Group. It operates in-house corporate child-care facilities across Germany.

For many organizations, the operation of in-house child care is a rewarding investment. Research confirms that employers who invest in family-friendly projects benefit in several ways. Under some circumstances in-house child-care can pay for itself.

Dussmann KulturKindergarten facilities offer extended opening times – upt to 24 hours a day on 365 days of the year. The pedagogical concept is based on the contextual approach which takes the individual situation of each child and its family into consideration. Linguistic skills are promoted during the day to day routine and many of the educators are English native speakers, children are familiarized with the English language naturally.

Child-care facilities are matched to the specific needs of the client’s staff and are simultaneously available to local residents.