As a catering operations manager, Thomas Engel experiences the obstacles the pandemic presents in contract catering every day. The closures have kept many diners away, but he and his team have grown even closer as a result, and together they are moving forward with optimism. They have used the crisis as an opportunity to prepare for a new, energetic start with fresh ideas.

As a creative expert at DruckManufaktur, Elisabeth Alexander creates hand-printed posters, postcards and special editions. “The creative workshops have had to be cancelled because of the pandemic. In exceptional circumstances, you have to adapt and rethink concepts and it was obvious we needed to turn to digital infra-structures.  We inspire our customers to be creative with videos.”


Tom Mullally has been a project engineer at STS for two years and is currently supervising a construction site for a major food and beverage manufacturer. His tasks range from material procurement, quality assur-ance and personnel management to project management. He enjoys the positive working atmosphere in his teams, both at headquarters in Waterford and on the construction site. “I have gained invaluable experience as a graduate learning from some of the most seasoned and experienced profession-als in the field.“

“My daily routine has changed completely,“ says Janina Spieß. After eight years as a kindergarten educator, the 34-year-old took on the position of head of the childcare facility at the Lahn-Dill-Kliniken in Wetzlar. She is now responsible for the care of 60 children and the supervision of 21 employees. The pandemic has made the job more complex; she must comply with regulations, establish hygiene plans and „with each new government requirement, we are confronted with new issues“.

Domenico Pastore has been working in his current position for only few months, but he has already experienced the power of Dussmann teamwork during the pandemic. “Every department works well, gives maximum support and we work closely with every single colleague, each with his own func-tions and skills.” Pastore manages contract oper-ations; he plans service provision in compliance with company objectives and safety regulations. “The importance of our services in the healthcare sector has grown, we play an active part in virus containment“ he says.

As a hygiene officer, Pit Hintelmann carries a great deal of responsibility during the pandemic. “I have been keeping residents and their families informed about the strict hygiene requirements and contact restrictions since March 2020.” His tasks include familiarizing the Kursana team with the hygiene concept, checking compliance, and coordinating procedures in the event of an infection.