We are a trustworthy, reliable provider of nursing and care for the elderly. During the pandemic, Kursana carers are giving their all, 365 days a year, to protect residents from infection.


The 27-year-old Pit Hintelmann squirts a little hand disinfectant in 91-year-old resident, Margrit Klösel’s hands and then into his own. “Now, we spread the liquid over our hands including each finger, as if it were hand cream” explains the geriatric nurse, who has additional training as a hygiene officer. Concentrating, the elderly lady copies his movements “What next?”, she asks, smiling. His calm, friendly manner engenders trust. The hygiene exercise on the nursing ward is a short activity for residents.

Since the start of the pandemic, Pit Hintelmann has been helping director Petra Tiedemann, 61, to enforce the hygiene regulations in accordance with RKI standards at the Kursana Residenz facility. Directly after the first, strict lockdown in 2020, he provided refresher training for his colleagues. Afterwards, he instructed staff and residents on how to wear a mask correctly and on proper disinfection of hands. Social distancing rules were carefully enforced with floor markings signaling one-way routes, placing of armchairs apart and single tables in the restaurant, winter garden and café. The glass entry area serves as a safety lock; post, shopping and laundry is left there for pick-up and distribution by staff.

“Volunteers have been assigned to individual residents and one has additionally supported the resi-dents with a free shopping service”, explains director Petra Tiedemann. “The support team has tended to residents‘ concerns on a one-on-one basis. They have even succeeded in overcoming reservations about digital technology and seniors have been in regular contact with families via tablets, which have been indispensable during this time.”

There was great relief when, in spring 2020, it became possible to set up comfortable beach chairs in the garden for visiting families, and reunions through open windows were facilitated.

After the first lockdown, the spacious garden area was used for numerous activities, always following social distancing and hygiene rules of course. Until autumn, seniors did balcony gymnastics, sang together or listened to numerous concerts.  In the new “green pavillion,” residents were invited to storytelling workshops, memory training and hand gymnastics. In a newly formed gardening group, residents were able to contribute to the appearance of their facility.

“Over the course of the year, we have grown closer. It was good to discover that solidarity has made us stronger during the crisis”, recalls Petra Tiedemann. Since the second lockdown in November 2020, the team has focused on small events at lunchtime; a staff member gave a violin concert, stories were read aloud, and fragrant waffles were baked in the foyer.

Such events create blissful moments for the residents. Corona rapid tests made it possible to receive visitors at the end of the year during the holidays. Christmas mail from children at Wedel daycare and neighborhood schoolchildren was joyfully received.

“Reliable and empathetic colleagues at my side have been a blessing during this challenging year. Their work makes an enormous contribution to society every day” says Petra Tiedemann. Pit Hintelmann agrees.

The young man himself demonstrates that for many, commitment extends beyond professional duty. During the pandemic year, he kept his private contacts to a minimum; parties and travel were avoided to protect seniors from infection. “I received a great deal of recognition for my work during this time and this spurs me on to continue doing my best for our residents.”

Kursana Quartier Sundern in North-Rhine Westfalia is the embodiment of our vision for modern nursing and care. In place of inpatient nursing and care, the facility combines various forms of residential and outpatient nursing and care services for nearly 100 seniors under one roof.

It gives residents options for independent living, tailored to their needs, from assisted living in their own apartment to outpatient assisted living communities for people with dementia supervised by outpatient nursing services.

When the need for care increases, residents need not move to another facility. The Kursana Quartier is as modern as it is comfortable; in addition to a restaurant, a fireside lounge and many common areas as meeting points, there are also therapy rooms.  Half or full board is provided and house-hold services such as cleaning or shopping may be additionally requested.

It is a model for the future, which fulfills the wish of many people in need of care to live self-determined, secure lives in old age for as long as possible.