The Dussmann Group pools technical expertise in services for the entire life of buildings and technical systems under the umbrella of DTS­­ –­­­ from conception to installation to servicing and repair.

Business is going well for Dussmann Technical Solutions, the company division for technical systems and engineering, which was founded in May 2019. As challenging as 2020 was, it has opened up new opportunities for the three business units STS, DKA and HEBO.

STS, an electrical engineering specialist with headquarters in Ireland, saw significant gains in the life science sector and data centers during the COVID-19 pandemic. We assume that clients will continue to invest in the current year. 

For example, STS was involved in the expansion of a production facility for the chemical and pharmaceutical company Lonza Group in Visp, Switzerland, where the COVID-19 vaccine Moderna is produced. Other clients have also increased development and production capacities with our involvement.

During construction of a new production plant for the biotechnology company, CSL Behringnear Bern, STS took on responsi-bility for all electrical installations and instrumentation ­­– the largest single order at STS to date. With the global shift to working from home and huge growth in e-commerce, the data center sector has seen significant gains over the last 12 months. Existing STS clients in this sector are investing heavily in additional infrastructure.

STS won new clients, both in regions where it already has activities and in new territories.

HEBO has also seen new opportunities. Despite the pandemic, our elevator experts opened new offices in Landshut. The team is responsible for the elevator systems of clients in the automotive and transport industries in the region. Projects range from con-struction of new elevators to maintenance and servicing of existing systems.

Our specialist for refrigeration and air-conditioning, Dresdner Kühlanlagenbau (DKA)  provides essential support to our clients in the food retailing sector. They equipped new and refurbished supermarkets with new refrigerated storage and service counters and modernized existing systems. The DKA experts are providing essential services, contributing to the reliability of essential food supplies. Increasingly, CO2 is deployed as a natural coolant in refrigeration systems as it is highly efficient, environmentally compatible technology.

In April 2021, the Dussmann Group further expanded DTS through acquisition of all shares in K.E.D. Kälte- u. Klimatechnik GmbH (K.E.D.) based in Bischofsmais. The company, which employs 90 people, is a family enterprise like Dussmann.  K.E.D. has been serving mainly the retail food, hotel and real estate sectors in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and northern Austria since 2005. The client base also includes public sector clients.