By founding the joint venture Chargemaker with Mainova, we are breaking new ground in e-mobility solutions. Chargemaker is a specialist for charging infrastructure projects to help companies across the country increase their e-mobility. With our experience as a charg-ing infrastructure provider, we are contributing towards making smart mobility part of everyday life.

The Dussmann Group has also been at home in the world of electromobility since August 2020 when Chargemaker, a joint venture for e-mobility solutions, was founded with Mainova, one of the largest regional energy suppliers in Germany. Chargemaker will contribute to establishing electromobility in Germany by developing sustainable mobility concepts. Chargemaker is offering a nationwide full-service model from a single source that provides companies with effective access to e-charging solutions. Services range from consulting, planning and installation to operation, maintenance, servicing and invoicing management.

On-site operative services are provided by Dussmann Mobility Services (DMS), a subsidiary of Dussmann Service Deutschland. Our electricians carry out all technical services such as installation, commissioning and servicing of charging stations and wall boxes. As part of the climate protection program to 2030, Germany aims to increase the number of electrical vehicles on the road to ten million and this generates

huge opportunity for Chargemaker and Dussmann Mobility Services. The installation and servicing of charging infrastructure by DMS creates unique added value for clients, as Chargemaker can offer these service nationwide.