Dear readers,


For over a year, the coronavirus pandemic has presented unforeseen challenges and continues to do so. We have met these challenges and come well through the crisis so far. Three factors have been crucial:

  • We attach great importance to the safety of our employees, our clients and those entrusted to us in our care operations.
  • We are a stable but extremely flexible partner for our clients and society.
  • Our specialist knowledge is indispensable to maintaining economic and social activity in many countries; consider our cleaning and disinfection services in hospitals, especially in COVID-19 intensive care units and the care of the elderly and children. Our engineering specialists have helped clients to expand their vaccine production capacity.

The Dussmann Group’s diverse business model, its broad market positioning and the wide range of client sectors have proved to be strengths. The fall of global Group sales by 2.6 percent to around 2.1 billion euros in 2020, with an improved EBITDA margin, was largely due to the decline in our catering operations, where sales slumped due to the closure of staff restaurants and schools. Simultaneously, demand for other services grew, such as those of our state-certified disinfectors, who carried out disinfection of entire facilities, including at Webasto.

We at Dussmann have kept our sights set firmly on the future throughout lockdowns and crises. We have made important progress in the implementation of our Group strategy Dussmann Next Level to make the company fit for the post-coronavirus era.

  • In facility management, we are consistently introducing new digital services, for example cobotics, the cooperation between human beings and robots.
  • We founded Chargemaker and are contributing to the breakthrough of electromobility in Germany.
  • We launched the Food Service Innovation Lab with the objective of completely rethinking the future of food service and preparing catering operations for the next generation.
  • In existing facility management operations, we are emphasizing sustainable solutions.
  • We are continuously expanding our portfolio and specialist knowledge with strategic acquisitions. As a financially independent family enterprise, we have the financial means to do so. One example is the acquisition of the Janus Group, Austria, which strengthens our expertise in hospital clean-ing and disinfection.
  • Dussmann Technical Solutions, the company division which pools the specialists for building systems and engineering, was expanded through the acquisition of K.E.D. Kälte- u. Klimatechnik GmbH.
  • We have developed new concepts, such as the Kursana Quartier, which reflects the desire of many seniors to live independently for as long as possible in old age.

We are proud of the over 60,000 people who work for the company and thank them for continuing to carry out excellent work over the past year under enormous pressure. This annual report is dedicated to the everyday professionals who make this family enterprise what it is – some of whom you‘ll meet on the following pages, representatives of everyone who works for our company.

In the coming year, we will continue to work hard on the success of our business partnerships and our contribution to preventing the spread of the coronavirus; only if every-one pulls together can we beat the pandemic. Above all, we will continue to invest in making our business future-fit.