Again, the Dussmann Group has achieved an increase in sales over the previous year. In 2019, consolidated group sales rose by 6.3 percent to 2.13 billion Euros, while global sales rose by 2.4 percent to 2.4 billion Euros. This is partly organic growth, largely due to new service contracts and two new facilities for the elderly, and partly a result of the acquisition of the electrical engineering specialist, STS.

We also made good progress on the implementation of Dussmann Group strategy, Next-Level. We have concentrated on profitable markets and founded a new company division, Dussmann Technical Solutions. This has expanded our activities in the high-margin business of technical building systems and equipment, which complements our traditional core business of facility management. In line with strategy, we sharpened our regional focus and divested operations in Latvia, China and Hong Kong, focusing resources on Europe, the Middle East and selected Asian markets.

Our services have always been largely independent of the economic situation and are important to society. During the corona crisis, our partners have been able to rely on our services, for which there is sustained demand. The strategy of broadening risk to further business and market segments has proven its worth.

Many companies have been forced to limit or discontinue operations. We have continued to work, for example in hospitals and nursing facilities, where we enable doctors and nurses to carry out their work under hygienic conditions. Our expertise in cleaning, hygiene and disinfection is indispensable across the world. As an operator of seniors’ facilities and childcare centers in hospitals, we make an essential contribution to overcoming the crisis. We also clean and disinfect buildings following cases of coronavirus infection, under the supervision of state-certified disinfectors.

We would like express our special thanks to our employees, who do an outstanding job under enormous pressure. We are very proud of them. Several examples are presented in this report.